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  • November 5, 2020
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An SEO agency can help your site in many ways, but if you are new to the search engine world, you might be confused about the importance of SEO for your business. That said, if you are looking to digitize your startup’s operations, SEO is undoubtedly a way of dramatically surging your site’s traffic. To weigh if your website could do better with a touch of SEO, you’ll need to know the basics of optimization. 

SEO in a Gist

Knowing lowkey SEO like using keywords, adding links, and increasing the word count of your content is excellent for your site. At the very least, it boosts your site’s page optimization! While you may know a few on-page factors that can spike your traffic rate, knowing high-end SEO is highly fruitful in ranking your page, especially if you need more customers onboard.

International and national brands have come a long way from prioritizing the physical location of their business. From treating cyberspace as an extension medium to making it the sole promotional medium for their companies, brands have gained momentum in attracting large audiences online.

A recent survey by branding and marketing firm Hinge revealed that more than 80% of customers visit a website before calling up a firm.

Digitizing your business on search engine rank pages (SERPs) expands its outreach. Speaking of expansion, lead generation, and lead conversion are two primary site goals that boost up your revenue. 

If it comes at the cost of hiring an SEO agency, it is worth it, and here is why: 

  • You get long term results
  • You get an impressive return on investment (ROI)
  • SEO can be measured and improved 
  • You can predict your sales 
  • You can run cost-effective marketing campaigns
  • You can watch your business grow twofold. 

As generating good traffic to your site means targetting all the right consumers, it takes learning some hardcore technical knowledge and skills to help your website reach above and beyond. 

Fact Check: Shafiee et all, in 2016, created an online survey among 70 websites and found out that tourism sites that backed with SEO garnered an increased number of tourists than the sites without SEO techniques. It shows how essential has it become for businesses to develop a virtual presence for increased profits. 

Organic Traffic vs Sponsored Ads

The battle between organic search and sponsored research is white-hot. Many businesses roll in favor of Google Ads than hiring SEO experts, simply because of Google’s convenient way of putting up ads. Investing in Google ads comes with little to no complications. The process is easy to understand and doable for most business owners. 

The drawback? It doesn’t attract many leads, although Google will have you believe that you can advertise and expand on your own, as per digital marketers, most people will skip the ad to search for authentic sites. 

An online survey by Georgia Tech University states that over 70% of the search engine users prefer clicking organic results to sponsored results. 

Hence, organic results are more appealing to searchers because they are considered more objective and unbiased than sponsored results. 

Google Algorithm Updates 

Google keeps on improving its natural language processing to help match search intent with the appropriate articles. Now and then, it launches some significant updates in algorithms that can affect your page’s ranking. 

To improve search engine results, it keeps on making broad search index changes and refreshes that might stop your business from thriving into the digital world. While some minor changes are a no-biggie, major SEO updates can lower your site’s traffic!

There have been plenty of studies regarding online users’ click behavior on search engine results pages. According to one study, 90% of search engine users never read beyond the third page of search results (iProspect, 2006). 

Some of the notable SEO google updates to date include:

  • Google Core Update 
  • Google BERT Update 
  • Google Hawk Update 
  • Google Fred Update 
  • Google Possum Update
  • Google RankBrain Update 
  • Google Hummingbird Update 
  • Google Panda Update 
  • Google Pigeon Update 

Basic SEO knowledge is used to increase page rank or get better traffic, but to maintain your position in SERPs, you will need a custom SEO brand strategy that addresses your advertising goals. 

Strategically Positioning Your Brand in SERPs

Being on the top is anything but lonely! Several search engine researchers have confirmed that the top listings in Google can get a minimum of 33% organic traffic. 

The same study predicts that dropping your site’s rank from page 1 to page 2 decreases your traffic to 4.8%.

Learning how internal and external web structures work is a mediator in strategically positioning your brand in SERPs. Apart from this, knowledge of recent algorithm updates can help you beat your competitor brands. 

As the algorithm robustness of search engines is increasing each year, Kai Li and his colleagues predicted that applying old SEO strategies might not help your site get a better rank. They believe that if past SEO strategies are not revised, your brand can legit lose its previous position in SERPs! 

Around 70% of users do not go beyond the third page. 

Hence, if your site is not within the first few pages, you will be losing the opportunity to appeal to a massive crowd. In most cases, using traditional SEO techniques might help you in shooting up the page ranks, but to maintain your position, you will need more than just quality backlinks. 

Seeking A Webmaster About It

SEO analysts predict that if a website is not in the first search results page or even worse is absent from the top 30; it has almost no chance of being read by a user

So, what is the best way to make sure that your site gets the attention it deserves? The help of a webmaster or, in other words, an SEO professional. 

They work around the clock and are well-tuned with all the recent and previous updates. They are tacky with crafting strategies that will stabilize your site in a ranking position for different search results and keywords. 

Themistoklis and his colleagues in 2015 developed a benchmark crawler that was responsible for producing SEO mechanisms that can enrich the website content to reach optimal ranking in SERPs. Their research highlights only a facet of tools and strategies that SEO agencies are equipped with to develop a robust plan for a brand or a business to market their products competitively.

Agency Competencies in 2020

E-commerce research is significant in analyzing how brands can occupy cyberspace by employing relative rankings in SERPs. 

Search engines being the leading generators of revenue is being mediated by a plethora of custom SEO plans. If you would like your business to ascend on top page listings, you will need an SEO agency with a good grip on the latest updates.  

SEO agencies stay in tune with the latest strategies that your competitors would be using, for instance, the schema markup. Schema markup is your virtual business card. 

A study examined that websites with markup rank an average of four positions higher in the SERPs than those without schema markup. While it’s not clear that this more top result is due to the increase alone, there is some correlation.

In other words, there are around millions of websites missing out on their maximum SEO potential. If you use schema markup in your SEO strategy, you’ll automatically have a leg up on the majority of your competition.

Similarly, many white hat tricks can give your site a comparative advantage in SERPs. They may not be easy to learn on your own and may require specialized skills for implementation. 

Besides, different ranking sites tailor their own SEO goals. As this isn’t public knowledge, it takes an SEO analyst to break down a website. And who to trust better than someone who has a rich history of working with SERPs. 

Usually, an SEO agency will have a team of analysts, strategists and researchers working for them. Ranging from building attractive marketing campaigns to writing compelling content, some of the professionals working in an SEO agency are:

  • Content Writers
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Web Developers

Hiring individual professionals can be a tacky task, not to mention, more expensive too. With an SEO agency, you get an all-in-one package made according to your site’s health. After a brief audit, you usually get some transformative recommendations that you can pick and choose to home in on your requirements. 


Ultimately, getting a leading agency with a definite ranking game is key to boosting your revenue. And when it comes to opting for a reliable SEO agency, Quipit Media is your go-to SEO company that can represent your business in a manner you choose. With our evolving culture of staying in touch with the latest trends in digital marketing, we can give your site the growth it needs. 

Where I run my own construction business that i've grown to $4 million a year using digital marketing, I've got a special liking to help other businesses grow as well using the same SEO tactics and marketing strategies.

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