Clickable numbers can increase your CTR rate by twofolds!

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Adding a number to your site can definitely increase your conversion rates. In most cases, a contact number is usually buried five layers deep within the website. Keeping your business number tucked away at the end of the site is not a good idea. And if you don’t have a number mentioned on your website, it will turn away potential clients. 

Not adding a number to your site is an unspoken code for “we don’t want you to contact us.” When you look at some of the top-notch marketing strategies, this is not a positive message to convey to your site visitors. 

In adding your number to your site, there are a lot of factors to consider. Most site visitors use their smartphones to surf the internet. Once they come across a given number, they are more likely to give it a call. 

Unfortunately, most sites do not have a “clickable” number presented. 

A digital marketer can assist you in making your number clickable. For your knowledge, here is how a clickable number looks like followed by a call to action liner:

<a href=”tel:2142256066″>Call us at 214-225-6066</a>   

Dialing Number

Why Should I Add A Number?

For people comfortable with facing online transactions, displaying a number is a comforting sight. On the other hand, there have also been more spikes recently in communicating via text messages. 

So is adding a number still worth the effort? Let’s have a deeper look at it. 

The biggest advantage of adding a number to your site builds trust. Your site gets brownie points for being authentic and reliable. Moreover, it adds a human touch to your brand. Without a phone number, it more or less feels like you are interacting with bots.

The comfort of a person present at the end of a call makes users more willing to convert. Besides, it also gives people the satisfaction of being able to hold someone accountable in case of a bad experience.

By far, we are pretty clear that adding a number can cause a spike in your numbers. Then again, there is a no-phone argument that has made recently made waves. To make our stance clear, it is not an option we support for our clients but if it sounds ideal to you, you can definitely opt for other options of communication. 

Why Should I NOT Add A Number?

Now, this is a pretty recent argument. The advocates of the no-phone policy see big numbers as overwhelming and often distracting. Most people want a clear cut conversion path on their website. According to some, adding on a variety of contact details can out of a person from making a purchase. 

While there are no findings for the no-phone policy yet, but if you – as an organization – want little to no disturbances then this is useful for you. In any case, by removing your number, users will have no choice but to contact through other means. 

It is a good idea to occasionally remove your number for increasing online converts, but it can also fire back and reduce your conversion rate.

Key Takeaway

There are pros and cons to both situations but Google does give more credit to a site that adds on a phone number. For optimal optimization, a number added can build a trusted bridge for your clients. 

Finally, a brand that is more responsive and reachable definitely has more to gain and less to lose. If a convenient or timely manner of communication is not your go-to communication path for your buyers, then you might want to rethink that.