Secure your business website with the strongest encryption. 

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an official security technology that establishes a secure link between a server and a client. It is a security protocol that ensures authentication and privacy in internet communications. 

In other words, SSL is a backbone of online security and it shields sensitive information. On the world wide web, it is an important certificate to secure your website. If your site doesn’t handle delicate information like bank account details – SSL provides it with user privacy, data integrity, and critical security.

SSL Offers Protection

To privatize the recipient’s information, most sites use an SSL certificate.  When your site isn’t encrypted, there is a lot of damage that happens. For instance, a user in between a sender or a receiver can view all credit card details, usernames, and passwords. To know whether a site is protected with SSL, look for a lock icon before the domain address like the picture below: 

SSL Certificate

Now that we know what an SSL certificate is, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of getting an SSL certificate for your business:

SSL cert

SSL Protects Your Identity 

Identity verification is one of the most important aspects of a secure connection. The fact that the internet has become increasingly deceptive is common knowledge. 

For instance, two guys pranked a guy that traveled 400 miles to meet his girlfriend. Unfortunately, there are many such cases. And people have lost hundreds or thousands of dollars on fake websites.

Many sites can get away with fraudulent activities, due to our meek understanding of web security.

SSL Guards Your Data 

The core job of an SSL certificate is to protect a client-server connection. A bug on site can potentially dupe your customers. So if you are planning to shift your business on an online platform, you need to be equipped with SSL. 

In layman terms, SSL provides a lock between your client’s data and your server. With SSL, only the intended recipient (server or client) can unlock with a key. Moreover, you can fight off attackers like hackers and skimmers that try to steal sensitive information. 

SSL Encrypts Your Information 

SSL encrypts your information and authenticates secure sites from insecure servers. Luckily, to establish a secure connection, the protocol requires minimal interaction with an end-user. Through the padlock icon, the SSL certificate can tell if a site is safe.

Clicking on the padlock icon on your browser lets you know if the site you are using is secure or not. When you download a file from an uncertified site, your virus program will jump in to warn you. Thereby, SSL is a digital certificate to protect the customer information on your site.

If your site involves selling products/services, there is a big probability of sensitive information being shared. Most companies get the SSL certificate for their sites to save their customer data from competitors. 

Wrapping Up 

SSL isn’t limited to securing your information, it helps your business by ensuring user safety and care. Most shoppers/buyers are likely to trust your business if your site has an SSL certificate. Besides, building rapport with fresh leads is a necessary option for healthy interaction with your clients.

Our team is experienced with certifying websites with the SSL lock. To come off as an authentic and trusted site, get in contact with our professional marketers to optimize your site for promoting user-friendly features.