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  • November 5, 2020
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When you optimize your site for search engines, you get an abundance of data to analyze. This data has the potential to give your company the insight it needs. Results from a good amount of data can not only plan a killer SEO strategy but it is also effective in mapping out your next marketing strategies.

Running a campaign on a site means looking to expand your business. And for expansion, there is no other certain way than to employ the deductive skills of Google Analytics. For better results – more organic traffic and more revenue, you can get a certification for your site.

Certification by Google Analytics can make the most out of your SEO strategy. To improve your rankings in the search engine, you can leverage different reports and data points to grow your business. From saving costs to increasing your target audience, it can help you get the most value out of your business. 

To top it off, a certification from Google Analytics comes with a whole range of benefits that you need to be familiar with. 


Google Analytics is completely free and you don’t need to subscribe, purchase, or give your credit card information to utilize its services. You need a Gmail account and a tracking code to place on your site and then you are good to go. 

Data Visualisation 

Data in its rawest form is a bit hard to make sense of and Google being a user-friendly company has given us a great leeway with Google Analytics. Therefore, this platform gives you the opportunity to view the data collected in the form of pie charts, spreadsheets, lists, and graphs. 

Analytic Reports 

While data visualization gives you the opportunity to make sense of the data drawn, an analytical report will allow you to draw conclusions from it. By comparing the numbers and metrics from the data, you can identify correlations, causes, and gain further insights. 

With this platform, you can collect, compare, and present a combination of or individual data set. This is just one of the many reasons Google Analytics can help boost your business. Google Analytics can provide you with a report on traffic volumes, traffic sources, content relevancy, campaign conversions, and much more. 


You can check your real-time progress on whatever basis you want. You can check your performance on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis. Alternatively, you can compare on a year over year or a quarter over quarter basis. 

You can take notes of trends in different time frames and make reports of traffic changes with specific campaigns. Real-time analysis can also let you know about the peak times for your intended clientele. Especially if certain campaigns, pages, or posts grab more attention at certain points of the day, month, or year.

Target Audience 

Google Analytics can provide you with more insight into people that visit your website. Demographic information like a visitor’s age, gender, and location can help you design specific products for your audience. 

Moreover, resonate and highlight important demands and build customized marketing campaigns that target said group. Apart from the characteristics of individuals visiting your site, you can have a look at user behavior. What most clients are going for, where do they stop purchasing and where do they click the most – such behaviors can help you build your business. 

Wrapping Up 

One way or another, Google Analytics helps you in boosting your business through technology. The present world today has a range of devices and platforms to log in from which is why it is important for your business website to optimally function across all platforms.

Google Analytics can take a look at your site’s performance indicators and page load times. It is a powerful tool that takes some to become proficient. If you have time constraints or do not feel confident in your use of analytics, our SEO experts can provide this service for you. 

Where I run my own construction business that i've grown to $4 million a year using digital marketing, I've got a special liking to help other businesses grow as well using the same SEO tactics and marketing strategies.

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