Should I Add an Email Address on My Site?

  • November 5, 2020
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An email address is a welcoming note that suggests to users that your brand is reachable and secure. Adding your email can have many benefits. Most companies support having a contact form instead of an email address.

While there are many theories of what should and should not go on the contact us page, having your own email address is still an important measure. How? Well, let’s dig into that. 

A contact us page can collect user information including their queries and email addresses. This helps you in the long wrong. A webform can help you provide your users with digital customer services, but not everyone is attuned with webforms.

Some people might prefer just picking up the phone and dialing your number. Most customers like to have the satisfaction that they are connected with a human being. If the majority of your clients are introverted, they would prefer having an email address to address their queries. 


The addition of contact details like a number, a physical location, and an email address is handy. It also caters to your diverse range of customers. Some would prefer coming to the store, some would only want to call while some prefer emailing you about it.

Having the option to mail is just another one of that customer satisfaction option that you would be offering your clients. 


As you might have noticed, the spread of online businesses has enabled a lot of buyers to suspect fake companies. In all honesty, many of your customers would have a fake web address/site experience that makes them wary of investing in your products. 

The more contact details you do add, the more it appears like a verifying tool that your business is indeed authentic and real. 

Apart from this, many businesses prefer adding a contact form than an email address. While the decision to chose is yours, but you should know why a contact form is sometimes a better option.


One of the pain points of adding an email address is the amount of useless spam you get. Email addresses can be picked out by literally anyone using your site. In fact, if it is visible on your site there is a chance that leads generators and other apps might able to pick it up.

Now that is bad news, considering that you have an ample of users, you will be flooded with emails. We can’t really swim through our emails to find real queries and this is why most businesses refrain from adding an email address.


Nobody would want their official email address at the hand of a hacker. They can completely sabotage your business. Not only that, but they can do a lot of harm to their brand’s reputation and standing. 

This will give your competitors a leading edge and that is exactly why many online businesses will not add an email address to their site. If you ask me, adding a contact form can stop other parties to not crack your client’s information.

Wrapping Up 

Moreover, the company email address can also bring a lot of new business opportunities. It can also open your shop to collaborations that will help you expand your business so not adding an email address to your website is not always a good idea.

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